YOUR Job Reading SHIPPING / PACKAGING 2 minutes

PLEASE Read this carefully!


Enclose a note in the parcel with your daytime phone number or e-mail address, your delivery address, and (if possible) a description of what is wrong. Before opening up a rack or servo, or doing any work on it, we will contact you for a credit card to cover the estimated cost of inspection, repairs and return shipping,
and we will charge the card before starting work. If the card is declined we will attempt to contact you, but if we cannot, the work will be set aside.

After 30 days with no contact it will be considered abandoned and may be sold or otherwise disposed of.

Always pack a rack securely to prevent it from breaking through the carton.
Loose styrofoam pellets or crumpled newspaper will not keep it in place. Plug all hoses and wrap them in plastic to prevent oil from soaking the carton and causing the shipping label to come off in transit.

These are good examples of how NOT to package your expensive racing equipment.

Please note: We will not schedule work on items sent without contact information. If you ship from a UPS store or similar third-party location your information will not appear on the shipping label; it must be inside
the carton.

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